Box Basics

Learn More About the Corrugated Industry

Box 101

  • Packaging is a science. Each industry has its own set of packaging and shipping challenges that require unique solutions.
  • Corrugated packaging consists of liners and fluted material. The wavy fluted material is placed between two liners to strengthen the corrugated material. Flutes come in a variety of sizes, heights and wave frequencies. Corrugated packaging is popular because it’s strong, quickly manufactured and cost-effective.
  • Board styles for corrugated packaging include: single face, single wall, double wall and triple wall.
  • Scoring is a depression put into the board so that the box can be folded easier.
  • Die cutting creates unique designs, cuts, slots, scores and perforations for custom packaging and display solutions.
  • Box dimensions are measured from inside a constructed box. The dimensions are expressed as length x width x depth.
  • Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a standard measurement of box strength expressed in pounds per square inch. It identifies the amount of force corrugated material can withstand and when it will fail.


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Learn More About the Corrugated Industry

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